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Heavy Tail Flogger
Heavy Tail Flogger
Heavy Tail Flogger
Strict Leather

Leather Heavy Tail Flogger

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This red and black leather flogger features dual-sided tails, for a blend of sensation. Each tail is red on one side and black on the other. The red side is slick leather, and the black side is soft suede. A sturdy leather wrapped handle includes a braided wrist loop for security. Enjoy a delightful mix of sinful sensations with this diabolical flogger.

Measurements: 28.75 inches in total length, tails measure 11.75 inches long and 0.4 inches wide; Handle is 8 inches in length and 1 inch wide.
Material: Leather and suede.
Item Weight: 413g
Packaging: Vacuum Sealed
Color: Red/Black
Brand: Strict Leather

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